Energy Healing Services

Our energy workers are here to support your healing and energy with a different modalities including Reiki and Source Point. 

*Services are by appointment only.
*Appointments must be booked in advance or a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time.
* Feel free to message us if you do not see a time that works for you. 

Energy Healing (Reiki)

The focus is to bring the body back to a centered state of being, your optimal health with the use of Reiki and various energy modalities. Realign your energy centers with your highest potential and assist the body, mind, spirit connection through the power of intention and healing energy.

SourcePoint Therapy

SourcePoint Therapy is a non-invasive energetic diagnostic and treatment modality that works with points in the human energy field. It connects us to an energetic template, or Blueprint,

that contains the information necessary to give rise to life and sustain health.