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It's Time To...

Welcome.  We believe wellness can't be defined by a picture or a number.  True wellness is both individual and the wellness of the collective.   It is a feeling of harmony within one's mind, body, soul and actions. It is the sharing of your gifts with others.   It's a way of life...a framework which supports vitality, resiliency, and purpose...not a punishment or set of temporary restrictions.   Isn't it time to have that new experience of life that you have been desiring?  To feel feel "good"?  To find or renew your purpose... to do "good"?  Experience a greater level of ease in life?  Our Feel Good to Do Good offering isn't just  knowledge - it is an experience, an uncovering, a transformation.  You will:


Uncover and understand wellness from the timeless lens of Ayurveda and Yoga to support you and your unique constitution.  (Wellness isn't one size fits all!)

Experience and learn cutting edge behavioral science to fuel your evolution and step away from the modern paradigm of the wellness hustle and perfection.  You know the steps that got you here, let us support in the steps to get to your new life experience.


Feel Good...Embody your personal definition of wellness and re-awaken your innate ability to heal at any age

  • Improved vitality and energy

  • Reduced inflammation 

  • Deep restful sleep

  • Optimized weight

  • Enhanced focus

  • Improved resiliency and immunity

  • A toolbox of techniques not short term fixes 


Do Good...deepen your understanding of your unique gifts and uncover your true purpose.  We support you in forming intentions and plans which align with you - not expectations of others. Experience the inherent rhythm and ease of life   

True change or a new experience takes time.  Change takes repetition of good techniques over time.  New revelations takes revolutions (of time).  It's time...your new experience starts now.  

We invite you to join in through our Feel Good to Do Good Ohmmie Membership.  Doors to the Feel Good to Do Good club open 4x/year - around the following dates:  January 17th, March 20th, June 21st, and September 23rd. 
 Here is what you can expect: 
What do you desire to experience next in life? This club provides you with a framework of techniques from yoga and ayurveda, modern science, and  a dynamic community to support your evolution.  Experience: 

Feel Good to Do Good Ohmmie Membership

Weekly community collaboration sessions (in person or virtual)

Monthly community cooking classes

Monthly one-on-one collaboration sessions with Sandy

Dedicated club forum to connect along with thoughtfully curated materials books to support your journey

Unlimited yoga at OmGrown Yoga & Wellness Collective

Seasonal Ayurvedic Wellness Workshops (4)

Seasonal Ayurvedic Resets (2)

Access to specialists and healers from Yoga, Ayurveda and other modalities

Community transformative experience

Are you unsure if this is a good fit for you?  Or maybe you want to dip your toe in? Schedule sometime to discuss. 

Reset and Re-emerge with Om Grown

Are you feeling a bit blah? Are cravings popping up? Nothing sounds or tastes good? Feeing a bit heavy or ungrounded? Unfocused?

Then it may be time for a reset!  Join us for a two week experience to shake off the “residue” from the holidays that is still lurking, reset or rediscover the rhythm of winter.  Then reflect with additional clarity to Re-Emerge with a path for the new year.

We start soon as a community - January 21st.  Note it is self paced experience- so you can join and start when it fits your schedule!

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