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Who are we?

OmGrown Yoga & Wellness Collective was founded in 2019 in Baldwin City, Kansas by a group of yoga teachers desiring to foster and support the sense of peace and wellness in their community.  However, a small town doesn't mean a small experience.   We offer a variety of movement practices as well as massage, ayurvedic body therapies, energy healing and our amazing sanctuary of cold plunge, soaking tub and infrared sauna.  These services are rooted in the timeless approaches of Yoga, Ayurveda and other healing modalities to achieve and maintain your optimal feeling of  whole health. Whether you are experiencing specific wellness concerns or simply want to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, OmGrown Yoga & Wellness Collective provides a healing and friendly environment to do so with both in person and virtual settings.

Small Town... Big Vibe

Current Events

Yoga Classes...
Create Community and Connection with Self and Others

Ashtanga Yoga

(W)holistic Wellness...It's All About You 

Relaxing Candles

Yoga with Heart Training, Workshops, Events...Guide from your Center

Transform Your Wellness with Ayurveda... When you Feel Good, you Do Good

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