Welcome... this space is for you

We would imagine you are here for a reason...something tugged at you.  Maybe you are tired of feeling tired?  Done with feeling stuck? Or feeling unable to evolve through a wellness issue?  Fed up with feeling like there is no time for you or that you are not aligned with your true self?  

You are not alone...those are the reasons most people land here.  The world is getting more complex and moving faster... anxiety and stress are growing.  We are less connected with ourselves, one another and nature amid a web of perceived complexity.  


Your reasons are good reasons to be here.  It's time to reconnect you to yourself, to recover your feeling of vitality and redefine a life of ease.

We created this space and our "Do Good to Feel Good" program to support you on your journey to reclaim your personal thrive.  With the timeless habits and practices of Ayurveda, we establish a framework to maintain a life of wellness and ease.  Are you ready to reclaim you?

The Blooming Wellness community and our Feel Good to Do Good program passes forward to you all of the care that we sought and are seeking. 

As women, we have spent years juggling our multiple hats and diverse needs of mother, spouse, daughter, friend and professional.  We understand the overwhelm and dis-ease that comes from neglect of our true self...from trying to live by everyone else's definitions.  We are committed to bringing more ease and wellness into our community, because when you feel great, you do great things.

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