8" Pinch Buckle Yoga Strap (Grey)

8" Pinch Buckle Yoga Strap (Grey)

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High quality durable fabric

8 Feet long by a full 1.5" wide

100% Cotton

Anti-slip pinch buckle


Made with comfortable, durable 100% cotton, designed to provide optimal support while stretching. Yoga straps are a highly beneficial prop allowing its user to hold a pose longer than they could previously, and is especially helpful for stretching in hard to reach positions or for beginners. Even common stretches are easier to do with the Yoga strap. You will be able to pull yourself closer to the floor and deepen your stretches further than you thought possible. Yoga straps are becoming more common as people realize their many benefits. If you are a beginner, these help with many postures. If you are an experienced Yogi seeking a challenge, they are just the right prop for you too.