4" Foam Yoga Block

4" Foam Yoga Block

SKU: 364215376135191

Measures 4" x 6" x 9"

Beveled edges provide comfort and style

Durable, yet lightweight eco-friendly EVA foam


Density rating of 31 shore C


When your goal is a safer, more comfortable yoga experience, the 4" Yoga blocks are a smart purchase. Offering exceptional comfort and style, the blocks feature attractive beveled edges, which also enable them to be packed and stored easily. The perfect firmness creates a solid, secure surface ideal for yoga beginners, people practicing pregnancy yoga, and other yoga enthusiasts who need extra support during their workouts.

 Budget-friendly, lightweight, eco-friendly foam gives the environmentally-conscious customer peace of mind. These yoga blocks are available in blue or black to look great in any studio--whether in-home, at the studio.