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The 2023 India Adventure 

From the coast of the Arabian Sea to the Himalayan Mountains...

enjoy India through the eyes of those with a map to her sacred heart. 

2023 Detailed Adventure Itinerary: January 25th to February 11th 

January 25th/26th travel days. 

January 27th: The trip begins in Mumbai (Bombay), a coastal city on the western shore of India and the Arabian Sea. We will spend our first fully day experiencing the hum of this major metropolitan city with a little shopping and sightseeing to include the Gateway to India and a boat ride to the Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The second day will start with a class by world renowned author and spiritual leader HH Radhanath Swami. The day will reach a crescendo with the celestial Flower Festival. During the transcendental dance party, Deities and party goers will be showered with 3,000 pounds of flower petals.


January 29th:   We journey to Govardhana Eco Village, a self-sustaining farm community in the Sahyadri Mountains about 90km outside of Mumbai. A sharp contrast to the bustle of city life, this 100+ acre yoga retreat center is based on "simple living, high thinking". (If you follow Jay Shetty, host of the podcast "On Purpose" and author of "Think Like a Monk", this is the Eco Village of which he was part.) Here we will have the space to ground ourselves with yoga and optional ayurvedic care (additional charge). Wander the beautiful and tranquil grounds and become immersed in the practices and lore of bhakti yoga for three days. Other opportunities abound for tours regarding the retreat center itself, women's empowerment, free food distribution, and empowerment of farmers.

February 2nd: We continue this adventure by hopping into a bus back to Mumbai where we will catch a flight to Dehradun and travel onward to Rishikesh. The titles by which it is known ("Yoga Capitol of the World", "Gateway to the Himalayas", "Abode of the Gods") speak volumes about this town beautifully located on a high cliff overlooking the sacred Ganges river. It is here the Beatles came and wrote many of the songs that appeared on the "White Album". For three days we will meditate on the banks of the crystal clear Ganges and take a purifying and refreshing dip; feel the spray of the waterfall on our faces, and stretch our legs as we inhale the same air Lord Rama breathed. We will also be mesmerized watching the sun rise over the Himalayas with a tour to Kunjapuri Temple. This mountain top temple requires the climbing of some major steps but the panoramic views makes it worth it! If you need a break, no worries -  stories and companionship supports the journey!


February 6th:  After having been purified by the Ganges and gotten high on the mountain air, we will travel to Vrindavan, a sacred village of 5,000 temples and birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is a place of mystical importance and for four days we will delve into the “heart altar” of bhakti (devotion). We will visit some of the sacred sights such as Govardhan Hill and the sacred Yamuna River as well as some of the oldest temples in the area. Also a visit to Vrindavan Food for Life girls school and some more shopping opportunities to round out the visit. An optional half day tour to another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Taj Mahal, will be available.


February 10th:  After this 15 day, 15 night adventure, with new eyes and blissful hearts, we will take our memories and travel back to New Delhi and fly back home.


February 11th:  Arrive home


Your adventure investment  is $2,950

  • Includes: All meals and lodging* once you have arrived in India; intra-India airfare and travel costs; pilgrimage/sight seeing adventures; yoga; kirtan

*Based on double occupancy with individual beds.

  • Excludes:  passport fees;  India visa and fees; International flight;  travel insurance (recommended); personal purchases including optional ayurveda treatments


Secure your adventure with a $500 deposit by August 1st, 2022.  Availability after August 1st may be limited - but please check with us if interested!  Balance due November 1st, 2022.


Additional details about visas, how to prepare, what to pack, etc once you register.


For more information or to register, please contact Jai Radhika at or call Gopi Sandal at 785-979-1639.

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