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course terms & conditions

We are happy you are here!  There are few (or maybe more than a few) things important to know concerning the use of this site and before signing up for and attending (in person or virtually) our courses and related course services.  Your use of this site and purchasing any of our services either on this site or in our studio will be subject to these terms and conditions which are subject to change at the discretion of OmGrown Yoga Collective LLC ("The Studio").​

course registration policy

  1. Selection of a payment plan and the first payment ‘aka Deposit' is required to secure your spot, price and bonuses for the selected course. This payment is not refundable.

  2. For Feel Good to Do Good and Spring Refresh course members, once your first payment is made, you will be added to the course and you will start with the next group.

  3. The first payment is due upfront to secure your spot.

  4. All payment plans are set-up as auto-pay.

refunds, cancellations and deferrals

  1. Course tuition is not refundable once the member is given access to a course.

  2. Refund for fees paid on a course will be given if cancellation is requested – BEFORE course access is given.

  3. Deposits are NOT refundable.

  4. In rare situations, such as job loss, or change in family status, a deferral may be granted to delay your course start date and pause your payment plan.

  5. Deferring your course start date is allowed only once

  6. To request a deferral, please contact us at

  7. Upon acceptance of your deferral request a $100 administrative fee will be charged to your on file credit card.


Our policy on cancellations and returns is strict because you are given access to valuable content as soon as you are entered into our course hub.

Course content is non-transferable and cannot be shared. If members break this policy, it is grounds for expulsion.

intellectual property

1.  All intellectual property in the materials and resources provided to you belongs to, or has been licensed to OmGrown Yoga Collective LLC and your use of those materials and resources is restricted to your own personal use and you may not share them with third parties.

2. Unless explicitly stated or agreed otherwise in writing, the resources and materials provide to you may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited other than for your own personal use in accordance with this agreement.


The materials provided on this site are for informational purposes only. Any of the information available on this site is meant to strengthen your common sense and not a substitute for it. It is also not a substitute for the advice of your doctor, lawyer, accountant, or any of your advisors, personal or professional.

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