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yoga teacher training terms guidelines and commitment

A yoga teacher program is an exchange of energy between the guides/teachers and participants/students.  Successful exchange benefits from starting with defined boundaries and expectations.  

student guidelines and expectations

As a student in the Yoga with Heart programs, I commit to:

  1. Being willing and open to personal application of the disciplined practices provided to me through this program

  2. Being responsible for my health and wellness and specifically, to understand and respect any personal limitations or concerns.  

  3. Being engaged in the lessons and discussions whether in person or virtually

  4. Showing up authentically, as I am, with a willingness to evolve 

  5. Maintaining a positive, safe space for myself and co-members to learn, grow, and engage practices for body, mind and spirit.

  6. Not attend in person when feeling unwell

  7. Removal of alcohol, recreational drugs, tobacco, meat, fish, eggs from my lifestyle at least during the days in which the program is in session.

  8. Prepared and on time for lessons, programs, events. 

  9. Communicating issues and concerns to the program guides on a timely basis

program guidelines and expectations

As guides of the Yoga with Heart programs, we commit to:

  1. Supporting your personal evolution and success in this program by troubleshooting with you when something isn't working

  2. Provide you with information and practices from Yoga to support the learning objectives of the course

  3. Create a safe space for you to show up as you are.

  4.  Ensure the group stays on track to our collective goals in learning, practicing, and embodying the objectives of the course

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