Are you ready to shrug off your "winter coat"?  Are you ready to "weed" your proverbial garden to allow for new growth to spring forth?  Are you ready to more fully embrace the light, bright tastes and energy of spring? If those words had you shucking off your winter fuzzy socks in joy, then join us for our first ever Spring Refresh...a 21 day reset of the body, mind and soul.  

In this refresh, we use the concepts of Ayurveda and other disciplines to disrupt the trajectory of our winter habits into more seasonally appropriate spring habits...afterall, this is a big shift of energy from flowing inward to flowing outward (think of a tulip bulb beginning to push up and bloom).  We will foster our physical, mental and emotional digestive fires (agni) through intentional consumption and simplicity.   We will emerge lighter, brighter and spacious.  

 The best part?  Each of you tailor your experience to what you need while being supported by a tribe of likeminded individuals.  Invite a friend, 'cause these things are better together than they are alone :)  

We start on Sunday, April 25th.  3 live calls will be recorded, all materials are available on a facebook forum so you can go at your own speed.

  • 2021 Spring Refresh

    A 21 day program to reset your body, mind and soul
    • Guides, materials and recipes
    • 3 live calls

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